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When we train for our sport – it is so important to know the work you are doing is bespoke to your goals, body type and swing. Our personalized online programmes will focus on you!

The first step is to meet Peter for an online assessment. Based on the equipment you have available to you and your online mobility assessment results, we get to work on designing your programme.

We will send you a programme with challenging golf-specific workouts that will have you moving better, stronger and faster! Train the body first and the club will follow.

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Improving your golf game requires more than just practice on the course. It also involves maintaining your physical fitness and flexibility. Golf STRONG's Online Programmes can help you achieve this by providing a series of exercises that are designed to target specific muscles and improve your golf swing. These programmes are suitable for golfers of all levels and can be accessed online, making it easy to incorporate into your routine at home or on the go.

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I started Peter's classes in person, pre-COVID. I was then delighted to join his Zoom classes, particularly as I am sometimes in the USA. His classes are amazing with a huge variety of exercises focused on different parts of the body in each class. His knowledge of golf exercises, body movements, caution regarding personal limitations, wonderful personality and sense of humour make his classes a must! The highlight of the week.
Golf Strong is by far the best thing that I have every done for my fitness and my golf game. Peter is a brilliant instructor and I have found the exercises to be really beneficial in helping improve my overall flexibility. The strength exercises have also helped add some new found length to my driving.
Golf Strong has been the best investment ever of my time. Peter’s classes are interesting, fun and incredibly well planned. He is always encouraging and engaging which inspires me to keep up with him and not give up. I am enjoying the benefits of feeling fitter in all my daily activities. The bonus is that it is like getting a golf lesson twice a week and now with my increased strength and flexibility I am able to absorb and implement the instructions given. I look forward to continuing with Peter seeing what further improvements will happen in my general fitness and in my golf. Thank you Peter.
I was lucky enough to get a spot in Peter’s fitness class 2 years ago at a time when my flexibility and physical strength needed major attention. Peter’s classes are hugely motivational, nothing over the top and all exercises very manageable while ensuring that all muscle areas get “their moment”. Lots of craic with the other class members to keep us smiling. It has been the best part of my week during the “Lock-down”.  Zoom classes allowing me toget the workout done in my own time in my own home (and repeats).
I have been working with Peter for almost a year and in that time, I have improved many aspects my game dramatically. Working on Peter’s speed programme has helped increase my club head speed from 96 to100mph which is above LPGA tour average. As well as this he has helped me realise areas of my game that need improvement and addressing these have had substantial impacts on my performance. He has helped me recognise my potential and encouraged me to make the biggest leap that I have taken with my golf game so far, which is accepting a golf scholarship in America, and that I am very grateful for. Peter has great knowledge and understanding of the game and can help a player of any level improve.

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