Peter's story.

Peter has spent most of his life devoting himself to the learnings of the game of golf.

Peter’s mission is to train and prepare the body first and let the club follow. In depth assessments are key to establishing the direction a golfer needs to take in order to maximise their performance on the golf course. Allowing players to discover their physical limitations and making the link to the player’s swing faults are key aspects of how we work and is what Golf STRONG online golf is all about.

Peter currently works with individuals daily whose only goal is improving mobility to touring professionals who are working towards increasing club head and ball speed to ensure performance is maximised to its fullest. Peter is a proud owner and ambassador of Trackman dual radar technology which he uses to track and record data of players as part of golf performance programmes.

Peter’s passion is passing on his knowledge to clients particularly junior players with aspirations to achieve great things in the future. Peter is currently a mentor to many top elite Juniors in Ireland. A big part of the Golf STRONG training schedule is tracking data for Junior players at a young age and working hard to ensure that all areas of their Strength and Conditioning is peaking for the golf course.

Peter is a current Irish international team member and is proud to continue representing Ireland in international tournaments around the world.

Peter was the double Irish Amateur Golf Champion in 2021, winning both the Irish Amateur Open and Irish Amateur Close championships in the same year - the first player to do so since Padraig Harrington in 1995.

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