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Improve your golf game by increasing your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness with our Online Classes, all via the Golf STRONG App!

Class Schedule

Join the Golf Strong Community every week for 4 live golf workouts via the Golf STRONG. We now have a bonus Pilates class every Friday at 9 am with Tricia Murphy. If you miss a session, not to worry, we will send you the class recordings after each live session.

This Monthly Subscription will help you learn to move better, become more powerful and and more mobile. Let's get Golf STRONG!
Monday - Full Body

The Golf STRONG Full Body Class is a 45 minute session which focuses on all the major muscle groups used on the golf course. The Full Body Class utilises dumbbell, resistance band and body weight exercises designed specifically to improve your golfing fitness and strength. Starting with some floor work and then moving into golf-specific rotation and strengthening exercise, the Full Body Class is the perfect way to get your body ready for the week ahead!

Wednesday - Strength & Stretch

The Golf STRONG Strengh & Stretch Class is a 45 minute full mobility class designed to improve movement and flexibility to maximise performance and comfort on the course.

The Strength & Stretch Class targets key areas of your body to increase strength and range of motion to ensure you’re optimising your time on the course, pain free.

Thursday - HIIT

The GOLF STRONG HIIT Class is a more high intensity workout which utilises body weight, dumbbell and resistance band exercises. In this class we up the pace and combine all of the exercises learned from the week to create an intense workout where it’s you vs. the clock! An incredible workout that will improve your fitness levels in no time, it is also designed to ensure everybody can go at their own pace.

Friday - Pilates

The Golf STRONG Pilates classes are conducted by Chartered Physiotherapist & Expert Pilates/Yoga Instructor, Tricia Murphy.

By focusing on hip, core and stability exercises and finishing with some relaxation, the Golf STRONG Pilates Class will ensure that your body is primed going into the weekend!

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